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DECOD Unit Research

Ecosystem dynamics and sustainability: from source to sea

DECOD Unit Research develops methods and contributes to knowledge to anticipate changes related to the pressures exerted by humans on aquatic ecosystems and their terrestrial interfaces: ecological and evolutionary processes, state of biodiversity, scenarios for possible futures.

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Last Publications

Morfin Marie, Méhault Sonia, Zambonino Infante Jose-Luis, Simon Julien, Servili Arianna, Kopp Dorothee (2024). Survivorship of discarded sole (Solea solea) characterised via telemetry, vitality, and physiology . Regional Studies in Marine Science , 69, 103348 (11p.) .

Roussel Jean-Marc, Fraisse Stéphane, Dézerald Olivier, Fovet Ophélie, Pannard Alexandrine, Perez Hector Rodriguez, Crave Alain, Gorzerino Caroline, Poupelin Maxime, Forget Guillaume, Huteau Dominique, Thomas Alban, Cheve Manuel, Soissons Laura, Piscart Christophe (2024). Effects of large dams on the aquatic food web along a coastal stream with high sediment loads. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 2024, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 11, pp.1250892. ⟨10.3389/fevo.2023.1250892⟩

Saint Beat Blanche, Nogues Quentin, Niquil Nathalie, Bourdaud Pierre, Raybaud Virginie, Goberville Eric, Beaugrand Grégory, Lasram Frida, Le Loch Francois, Schickele Alexandre (2024). Modelling species distribution, ecosystem structure and function and climate change . In Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences. 2023. ISBN: 9780323907989. pp.?? (Elsevier) .

Alglave Baptiste, Vermard Youen (2023). Spatio-temporal distribution for 4 demersal species of the Bay of Biscay based on VMS-logbooks data . .