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DECOD Unit Research

Ecosystem dynamics and sustainability: from source to sea

DECOD Unit Research develops methods and contributes to knowledge to anticipate changes related to the pressures exerted by humans on aquatic ecosystems and their terrestrial interfaces: ecological and evolutionary processes, state of biodiversity, scenarios for possible futures.

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Saint Beat Blanche, Nogues Quentin, Niquil Nathalie, Bourdaud Pierre, Raybaud Virginie, Goberville Eric, Beaugrand Grégory, Lasram Frida, Le Loch Francois, Schickele Alexandre (2024). Modelling species distribution, ecosystem structure and function and climate change . In Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences. 2023. ISBN: 9780323907989. pp.?? (Elsevier) .

Lambert Sébastien, Thébault Anne, Anselme-Martin Stéphane, Calenge Clément, Dunoyer Charlotte, Freddi Luca, Garin-Bastuji Bruno, Guyonnaud Benoit, Hars Jean, Marchand Pascal, Payne Ariane, Petit Élodie, Ponsart Claire, Quéméré Erwan, Toïgo Carole, van de Wiele Anne, Rossi Sophie, Gilot-Fromont Emmanuelle (2023). Brucellosis in Alpine ibex: 10 years of research and expert assessments. Médecine/Sciences, 2023, 39 (10), pp.722-731. ⟨10.1051/medsci/2023132⟩

Gerber Rémi, Piscart Christophe, Roussel Jean-Marc, Bergerot B. (2023). Morphology-based classification of the flying capacities of aquatic insects: A first attempt. Current zoology, 2023, pp.zoad047. ⟨10.1093/cz/zoad047⟩

Jaballah Sami, Fernandez Garcia Guglielmo, Martignac François, Parisey Nicolas, Jumel Stéphane, Roussel Jean-Marc, Dézerald Olivier (2023). A deep learning approach to detect and identify live freshwater macroinvertebrates. Aquatic Ecology, 2023, 57 (4), pp.933-949. ⟨10.1007/s10452-023-10053-7⟩