Training and Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge sharing, key word

Sharing knowledge through training

The Agro Institute is the only structure of higher agronomic education in France to provide training in aquatic and especially marine themes. DECOD's teacher-researchers have a national responsibility, especially in fisheries, through the engineering specialization and the master's specialization in Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences. Other important contributions concern the EFCE and MODE masters.

The unit welcomes annually 25 master students, and 25 PhD students enrolled in the doctoral schools SML and EGAAL

Knowledge sharing through co-construction

DECOD has long developed two R&D divisions, one focused on the fisheries sector, the other in support of public policies conducted by OFB, within which knowledge is built with non-academic partners, and put at their service. These practices are used in many projects developed in the unit.

Knowledge Sharing through expertise

DECOD is strongly involved in the drafting of scientific advice for fisheries management, notably in the activities of ICES. Its researchers and engineers are also present in IPBES and IUCN working groups, in many scientific councils (OFB, regional and national parks) or management committees (COGEPOMI), and participate in collective scientific expertise.

The piloting of numerous observatories and campaigns (PELGAS, NURSE, EVHOE, NOURDEM) allows to inform public policies (PCP, DCSMM).

Sharing knowledge with the general public

DECOD gives access to its knowledge and know-how through interventions towards various publics, either in the media, or directly in schools or in events and places of interaction between science and the general public (science festival, Maison des Océans, Espace des Sciences, interventions in high schools).