Scientific, technical and financial partnership of DECOD

DECOD develops partnerships and collaborations with a very rich network of units, platforms and observatories in Brittany and Pays-de-Loire.

UMR DECOD Partnership

At the national level, these partnerships also translate into active participation in certain GDRs, EcoStat and InvaBio in particular.
Some of these partnerships are geared towards non-academic partners within the framework of two R&D poles, one geared towards the fishing sector, the other supporting the public policies carried out by the OFB, and the MERS Carnot Institute dedicated to the risk-free, sustainable and digital development of maritime activities.

The work carried out within the unit benefits from the support of numerous technical platforms and experimental units, for its experimental work (U3E) or mass sequencing (EcoGeno, Gentyane, Genotoul).