Know-how and Skills

UMR DECOD’s expertize: mobilization and sharing

Know-how is a knowledge, skill or expertise that can be mobilized in the context of professional activities that can be reinforced or transmitted. By the diversity of its research themes and the richness of its profiles, the staff of the UMR DECOD mobilizes many skills that can go beyond their study models and application environments. This know-how extends from innovative methods of molecular biology and acquisition of ex-situ and in-situ biological data to the most advanced modelling or data analysis tools. To that extent, each of the know-how implemented by the UMR DECOD constitutes a common and transversal language which can be organized as a real active, living and animated centre of skills.

To promote exchanges, sharing of experience, the skill improvement or the strengthening of the level of expertise, animation actions bring together and mobilize the agents of the UMR DECOD, permanent, contractual and students. These actions also aims to encourage new intra-unit collaborations or to reinforce existing collaborations to strengthen the positioning of the unit at the forefront of ecological research laboratories, in terms of innovation and expertize.