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Stakeholders information support for sustainable management of ecosystems
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Address: UMR DECOD, 65 rue de Saint-Brieuc, Bât. 4, CS 84215, 35042 Rennes Cedex, France
Keywords: Restoration ecology, Plant ecology, Biodiversity, Landscape ecology, Freshwaters, Riverscapes, Connectivity


Restoration ecology, Plant ecology, Biodiversity, Landscape ecology

Current Position

Head of the Conservation and Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems research group in the Ecology and Ecosystem Health research unit


Current Research Topics

My current research focuses on the ecology along rivers in agricultural landscapes. I am interested in understanding how human activities interact with biodiversity in rural watersheds. Consequently I work in restoration ecology of the riverscapes, including headwater systems. I also develop research in partnership on spatial analysis of ecological data at different scales and in different shapes of landscapes. Concerning landscape ecology in the context of river survey, I focus, for example, on questions on how and why to restore connectivity and the river continuum. Temporal scales are also considered, using eco-historical approaches when possible. I promote networking for ecological restoration with stakeholders involved in river management, considering their views or empirical knowledge. I also try to relate this information to ecological concepts and vice versa.


University of Rennes (France, COSTEL research unit); University of Avignon (France), University of Brest (UBO, France); INRA (France, ECOBIOP research unit, SAD Armorique); University of Oviedo (Spain); University of Cork (Ireland); Bournemouth University (UK); University of Porto (Portugal); Technical University of Lisbon (Portugal).

Current projects


Multidisciplinary study of the Selune river restoration following the removal of two large dams

Timeframe : 2012 - 2028
Keywords : Connectivité / Cycle de vie / Dynamique des populations / Ecologie spatiale / Fronts de colonisation / Habitats essentiels / Interactions trophiques / Invasions biologiques / Migration / Restauration / Barrages / Biofilms / Communautés / Dispersion / Ecosystèmes / Individus / Macroinvertébrés / Phytoplankton / Plantes / Poissons / Populations / ADNe / Analyses de séries temporelles / Biologging / Capture, échantillonnage et inventaire / Génétique quantitative / Hydroacoustique / Isotopes stables / Marquage-recapture / Télémétrie

Salmonid Management Round the Channel


Timeframe : 2017 - 2023
Keywords : Cycle de vie / Dynamique des populations / Ecologie spatiale / Evaluation / Migration / Plasticité phénotypique / Traits d’histoire de vie / Traits phénotypiques / Age à maturité / Changement climatique / Dispersion / Fécondité / Individus / Poissons / Populations / Survie / Taille à maturité / Taux de croissance corporelle / Analyse de pièces calcifiées / Analyses de séries temporelles / Biomarqueurs et traceurs / Capteurs / Capture, échantillonnage et inventaire / Génétique quantitative / Hydroacoustique / Isotopes stables / Marquage-recapture / Modélisation mécaniste / Modélisation statistique / Statistiques multivariées

Past projects

Atlantic Aquatic Resource Conservation


Timeframe : 2008 - 2014
Keywords : restauration des rivières, génétique de la conservation, sensibilisation et communication

Teaching Experience

Permanent Assistant Professor since 2003 in Ecology and Environmental Engineering at the Agronomic faculty of Rennes, Agrocampus Ouest.


Several European Erasmus programs since 1998 and M.Sc. degree supervision (2-5 per year since 2003).

M.Sc. and Ph.D. Supervision

M.Sc. Students

MESMIN, X. (2013) .GIS analysis and riparian vegetation survey

MARTINI, A. (2013) .Characterization of the reference state of the riparian vegetation of Selune River before dam removal

TROLLE, C. (2012) .Utilisation d'images haute resolution pour le suivi d'un projet de restauration ecologique de ripisylve / Drone images to assess riparian ecological restoration projects

DELISLE, M. (2011) .Habitat restoration and conservation: Phengaris alconand its host species, the marsh gantiana and Myrmica ants

OBERLIN, M. (2011) .Bonnes pratiques de gestion et ecologie de la restauration des cours d'eau a salmonides d'Asturies : differents enjeux et comparaisons des methodes francaises et iberiques