ARIZA Alejandro

Theme(s) :
Population dynamics, life history trait, Ecology
Spatial dynamics, connectivity, habitat and functional area
Trophic interaction
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Keywords : Aire de répartition géographique / cascades trophiques / Dynamique des populations / Ecologie spatiale / Stress abiotique / Ecosystèmes / Poissons / Zooplancton / Analyses de séries temporelles / Bio-informatique / Capture, échantillonnage et inventaire / Développement de packages / Développement de scripts / Hydroacoustique / Identification taxonomique / Imagerie / Modélisation statistique / Statistiques multivariées / Télédétection

Current projects

SUstainable Management of MEsopelagic Resources


Timeframe : 2019 - 2024
Keywords : Ecologie spatiale / Evaluation / Interactions trophiques / Traits d’histoire de vie / Communautés / Ecosystèmes / Phytoplankton / Poissons / Zooplancton / ADNe / Capture, échantillonnage et inventaire / Contenus stomacaux / Développement de scripts / Hydroacoustique / Isotopes stables

Past projects

I work in pelagic ecology, specially on intermediate trophic level species in the open-ocean and the mesopelagic zone. I am particularly interested in diel vertical migration and carbon export mediated by zooplankton and micronekton, and how these processes are shaped by physical oceanographic processes and climate. I use echosounders and net sampling to study zooplankton and micronekton composition, distribution and behavior. For this reason, active acoustics is the discipline to which I devote most of my time, developing new methods to gain insight on pelagic ecosystems and providing open-source software for the scientific community.