PASSES : Reef PASsages within coastal Social Ecological Systems implications for biodiversity conversation and fisheries sustainability in the Southwest Pacific

  • Timeframe : 2023 - 2025
  • Coordinator: Dominique Pelletier (Ifremer), Annette Breckwoldt (ZMT)
  • Contact: Dominique PELLETIER
  • Keywords : Connectivité / Cycle de vie / Dynamique des populations / Gestion intégrée / Habitats essentiels / Interactions trophiques / Socio-écosystèmes / Communautés / Ecosystèmes / Fécondité / Pêche / Taille à maturité / Analyses de séries temporelles / Capteurs / Capture, échantillonnage et inventaire / Identification taxonomique / Imagerie / Modélisation statistique / Statistiques multivariées

Reef passages are key components of coral reef ecosystems, connecting coastal areas and sheltered lagoons to the open ocean. They are generally home to an exceptionally diverse and abundant marine life, hosting emblematic species and fish spawning aggregations (FSA), particularly vulnerable to fishing. Despite their importance for ecosystem functioning and human populations, the cultural, ecological, social and economic roles of reef passages have been poorly characterized so far. Using a transdisciplinary approach, PASSES will gather an international team of scientists and stakeholders to better understand these roles and investigate local and global implications of FSA for biodiversity conservation and fisheries management in the Southwest Pacific (New Caledonia and Fiji).

People involved

SAULNIER Erwan, Post doctorant
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Funding and Support

Agence française de développement (AFD)