Consequences of green tides on ichtyofauna
  • Timeframe : 2013 - 2016
  • Local Budget: 0 €
  • Coordinator: ESE research unit, Olivier Le Pape
  • Contact: Olivier LE PAPE Elodie RÉVEILLAC
  • Keywords : Green tides, Fish ecology, Coastal and estuarine nursery grounds


Context and Issues

Although green tides have seriously impacted eutrophicated coastal areas for decades, their impact on essential coastal habitats for fish early-life stages remains especially poorly known. This 3-year project launched in 2013 is dedicated to this question.


Evaluating the consequences of macroalgal blooms, known as green tides, on ichtyofauna early-life stages, from local to more general impacts in the highly impacted north-western coasts of France.


Estimation at different scales, from individual fish to the ichtyofaunal community, of the consequences of different levels of green algae proliferation from a Before-After-Control-Impact approach based on in-situ surveys and laboratory analysis of individual fish performances (growth, ecotoxicology).



Publications issued from the project

PAUMIER, A. TATLIAN, T. REVEILLAC, E. LE LUHERNE, E. BALLU, S. LEPAGE, M. LE PAPE, O. (2018) .Impacts of green tides on estuarine fish assemblages

LE LUHERNE, E. REVEILLAC, E. PONSERO, A. STURBOIS, A. BALLU, S. PERDRIAU, M. LE PAPE, O. (2016) .Fish community responses to green tides in shallow estuarine and coastal areas

LE LUHERNE, E. (2016) .Impacts des marees vertes sur les habitats essentiels au renouvellement des ressources halieutiques des secteurs estuariens et cotiers

People involved

LE PAPE Olivier, Scientist
Phone : +33 2 23 48 55 31
Email :
RANDON Marine, Ph.D. Student
RÉVEILLAC Elodie, Scientist
Phone : +33 5 46 50 76 32
Email :


Funding and Support

France Filière Pêche, Agence de l'Eau Loire Bretagne, Agence des Aires Marines Protégées