Theme(s) :
Spatial dynamics, connectivity, habitat and functionnal area
Trophic interaction
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Address: UMR DECOD, 65 rue de Saint-Brieuc Bât. 15, CS 84215, 35042 Rennes Cedex, France
Keywords: Trophic ecology, Evolutionary ecology, Wild quantitative genetics, Environmental genomics, eDNA


Evolutionary ecology, Conservation biology, behavioural ecology, Landscape/population genetics, Molecular ecology, Trophic ecology, DNA metabarcoding.


  • 2020- present : Research associate at INRAE Rennes, ESE
  • 2014 : Research mobility stay at the University of Edinburgh (UK) in the Josephine Pemberton’s group
  • 2012- 2019 : Research associate at INRAE Toulouse, CEFS
  • 2010- 2011 : Post-doctoral fellow, with Sophie Launey at INRA ESE (Rennes)
  • 2008- 2009 : Temporary teaching and research assistant at University Toulouse III, France
  • 2005- 2009 : PhD student at the University of Toulouse, with Lounès Chikhi and Brigitte Crouau Roy


Current research topics

I am applying molecular biological techniques and methods in population and quantitative genetics to questions in evolutionary ecology and conservation biology. I am interested in the evolutionary and ecological mechanisms (neutral or selective) that shaped the genetic and phenotypic variation within wild populations living in human-dominated landscapes marked by spatial trade-offs between risk avoidance and resource acquisition.

My previous research at INRAE CEFS (Toulouse) was focused on the genetic architecture and evolution of morphological, life history and behavioural traits (movement tactics and land use) in wild ungulate populations. My main research interest in Rennes is on the genetic and environmental determinants of the intra-specific variation in diet and foraging strategy of top predators and consequences on ecosystem functioning: I study how individual diet vary depending on their genetic/ecological characteristics and biotic and abiotic environmental conditions. The challenge is to assess the interplay between plastic and evolutionary responses to human-induced environmental perturbations. To this end, I develop a wild quantitative genetic approach based on genomic relatedness data. At the community level, I am also interested in the cascade effects of this intraspecific variation in diet of predators on the structure of trophic networks.

I dedicate a large part of my time to the development of eDNA approaches (DNA metabarcoding from water, feces or gut samples) to characterize fish and invertebrate composition in rivers/lakes, survey invasive species/pathogens or study interactions between predators and prey communities in freshwater or marine, tropical or temperate ecosystems in complement to isotope analysis (project REZOFLEUVE, LAMINET).

  • Jean-Marc Roussel, Gilles Lassalle, Anne-Laure Besnard (INRAE ESE, Rennes)
  • Maxime Galan (INRAE CBGP, Montpellier)
  • Niklas Tysklind (INRAE ECOFOG, Kourou)
  • Simon Blanchet (CNRS SETE, Moulis)
  • Josephine Pemberton (Université d’Edimbourg)
  • Benoit Pujol (CNRS, CRIOBE, Perpignan)



Current projects


Multidisciplinary study of the Selune river restoration following the removal of two large dams

Timeframe : 2012 - 2028
Keywords : Connectivité / Cycle de vie / Dynamique des populations / Ecologie spatiale / Fronts de colonisation / Habitats essentiels / Interactions trophiques / Invasions biologiques / Migration / Restauration / Barrages / Biofilms / Communautés / Dispersion / Ecosystèmes / Individus / Macroinvertébrés / Phytoplankton / Plantes / Poissons / Populations / ADNe / Analyses de séries temporelles / Biologging / Capture, échantillonnage et inventaire / Génétique quantitative / Hydroacoustique / Isotopes stables / Marquage-recapture / Télémétrie

Combining environmental DNA sampling, whale watching and citizen science for stakeholder-driven marine biodiversity protection in the North-East Atlantic and the Mediterranean


Timeframe : 2023 - 2025
Keywords : Ecologie spatiale / Evaluation / Niche écologique / Individus / Mammifères / Poissons / Populations / ADNe / Modélisation statistique

L’ADNe pour décrypter les interactions trophiques dans les forêts de laminaires de Bretagne


Timeframe : 2019 - 2024
Keywords : cascades trophiques / Interactions trophiques / Stabilité des réseaux / Stress abiotique / Communautés / Macroinvertébrés / Organes / Poissons / ADNe / Contenus stomacaux


Timeframe : 2021 - 2024
Keywords : cascades trophiques / Interactions trophiques / Stabilité des réseaux / Macroinvertébrés / Poissons / ADNe / Isotopes stables

Past projects

Conseil scientifique du département EFPA (2016-2020)

Co-animation du réseau INRAE ADN-0

M.Sc. Students

TROUILLOT, L. (2023) Analyse d'ADN du contenu intestinal pour identifier la ségrégation des niches écologiques chez les espèces de poissons marins associées à l'écosystème de la forêt de laminaires en Bretagne

PICHEVIN, A. (2022) Relation entre la concentration d'ADNe dans l'eau et l'abandance/la biomasse des poissons marins : une étude pilote dans un aquarium public

MORAZE, N. (2021) .La maladie proliferative renale induit-elle une pression de selection sur la morphologie et la coloration melanique des truites fario ?

BOUROULT, C. (2022) Analyse génétique d'échantillons d'ADN environmental (ADNe) issus d'eau ou de contenus stomacaux

CONDACHOU, C. (2022) Métabarcodage de l'ADN du contenu stomacal de crustacés décapodes d'eau douce comme outil de surveillance de la biodiversité des poissons guyanais (METASHRIMP)

Ph.D. Students

DUVAL, E. (en cours) .Detection, distribution et impact de Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae sur les populations de truites communes


Selection of Scientific Products

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