Estimating the influence of essential fish habitats for the renewal of exploited marine fish
  • Timeframe : 2020 - 2023
  • Local Budget: 265000 €
  • Coordinator: Olivier Le Pape
  • Contact: Olivier LE PAPE
  • Keywords : Human impacts, natural resources and ecosystem services


Context and issues

A large proportion of exploited fish species is impacted by multiple stressors that impact different life stages along the life cycle. In particular, in addition to direct fishing mortality, other stressors may impact populations when large part of the individuals are concentrated in spawning or juvenile habitats.



There is a need to provide information on responses to these anthropogenic pressures on spatially restricted spawning and nursery habitat, which can influence future stock dynamics at the population scale. In addition to managing fisheries, preserving or restoring the capacity of essential fish habitats is of major importance for improving biomass of populations.


The project will aim to develop generic spatially structured age-and stage-based models for a quantitatively description of both the dependency to essential nursery and spawning habitats and the effects of fishing pressure on population dynamics. Then, these models will be tuned on exploited fish stocks from the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay for which both quantitative knowledge on essential nursery and/or spawning habitats, and stock assessment are available.

Expected Results and Perspectives

Simulations approaches will be developed to assess the relative and combined influence of multiple anthropogenic disturbances combining essential fish habitat degradation and fishing mortality on population renewal.

Publications issued from the project

CHAMPAGNAT, J. LECOMTE, J.-B. RIVOT, E. DOUCHET, L. MARTIN, N. GRASSO, F. MOUNIER, F. LABADIE, P. LOIZEAU, V. BACQ, N. LE PAPE, O. (2021) .stimation des consequences des perturbations anthropiques en estuaire de Seine pour le stock de sole de Manche Est

CHAMPAGNAT, J. RIVOT, E. LE PAPE, O. (2021) .How essentiels fish habitats impact population productivity and resilience

CHAMPAGNAT, J. LECOMTE, J.-B. RIVOT, E. DOUCHET, L. MARTIN, N. GRASSO, F. MOUNIER, F. LABADIE, P. LOIZEAU, V. BACQ, N. LE PAPE, O. (2021) .Multidisciplinary assessment of nearshore nursery habitat restoration for an exploited population of marine fish

People involved

CHAMPAGNAT Juliette, Ph.D. Student
Phone : +33 2 23 48 54 56
Email :
LE PAPE Olivier, Scientist
Phone : +33 2 23 48 55 31
Email :
RIVOT Etienne, Scientist
Phone : +33 2 23 48 59 34
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Funding and Support

French Biodiversity Agency (OFB)