Coastal nurseries of juvenile fish of the Bay of Vilaine (southern Brittany)
  • Timeframe : 2008 -
  • Local Budget: 0 €
  • Coordinator: IFREMER, Anik Brind'Amour ; ESE research unit, Hervé Le Bris
  • Contact: Hervé LE BRIS
  • Keywords : Coastal nursery functioning, Survey, Temporal dynamics, Bentho-demersal communities, Benthic habitats


Context and Issues

Some coastal and estuarine ecosystems are essential for the life and growth of young fish. The reduction or destruction of these biotopes and the decrease in their quality are amongst the principal causes of the reduction in marine species that inhabit such areas. This can affect fishery stocks through fish recruitment. The Bay of Vilaine, on the southern coast of Brittany, France, is a nursery for fish, crustaceans and molluscs. Annual surveys of its bentho-demersal invertebrates and fish communities performed by IFREMER since the 1980s increase understanding about the functional dynamics of this ecosystem. Moreover, this survey is part of the requirements of the marine strategy framework directive (MSFD) of the EU.


  • Description and quantitative analyses of spatio-temporal dynamics of fish and mega-invertebrate communities sheltered by the bay
  • Characterisation of trophic links between benthic invertebrates and bentho-demersal fish to assess functioning of the nursery
  • Participation in the development of indicators of good environmental status of coastal areas, as requested in the MSFD

Results and perspectives
  • Typology of benthic habitats
  • Spatial analysis of trophic interactions between juvenile fish and their prey
  • Trophic capacity of coastal nurseries

  • Publications issued from the project

    TABLEAU, A. BRIND'AMOUR, A. WOILLEZ, M. LE BRIS, H. (2016) .Influence of food availability on the spatial distribution of juvenile fish within soft sediment nursery habitats

    BRIND'AMOUR, A. LAFFARGUE, P. MORIN, J. VAZ, S. FOVEAU, A. LE BRIS, H. (2014) .Morphospecies and taxonomic sufficiency of benthic megafauna in scientific bottom trawl surveys

    KOPP, D. LE BRIS, H. GRIMAUD, L. NEROT, C. BRIND'AMOUR, A. (2013) .Spatial analysis of the trophic interactions between two juvenile fish species and their preys along a coastal-estuarine gradient

    LE PAPE, O. MODERAN, J. BEAUNEE, G. RIERA, P. NICOLAS, D. SAVOYE, N. HARMELIN-VIVIEN, M. DARNAUDE, A. BRIND'AMOUR, A. LE BRIS, H. CABRAL, H. VINAGRE, C. PASQUAUD, S. FRANCA, S. KOSTECKI, C. (2013) .Sources of organic matter for flatfish juveniles in coastal and estuarine nursery grounds; A meta-analysis for the common sole (<I>Solea solea</I>) in contrasted systems of Western Europe

    People involved

    DELAUNAY Damien, Ingénieur
    Phone : 02 40 37 42 27
    Email :
    DROUAL Gabin,
    Phone : 0298224295
    Email :
    LE BERRE Thomas, Technician
    Phone : +33 2 23 48 59 23
    Email :
    LE BRIS Hervé, Scientist
    Phone : +33 2 23 48 59 28
    Email :


    IFREMER, Ecologie et Modèles pour l'Halieutique research unit, Nantes, France, Anik Brind'Amour

    Funding and Support

    • IFREMER (Oceanographic Vessel Gwen Drez)
    • Council of Pays de la Loire
    • Institution pour l'Aménagement de la Vilaine
    • Council of Bretagne
    • Direction Générale de l'Enseignement et de la Recherche du Ministère de l'Agriculture